WALL-E Wins Golden Tomato Award

January 14, 2009 By:
WALL-E Wins Golden Tomato Award

Definitely put Wall-E on your list of movies to see before the Oscars, because they’re in contention with all the big dogs at every award show this season. And on top of that, the film just won the coveted Golden Tomato award from RottenTomatos.com.

The website is dedicated to providing movie reviews for almost every movie out there. What they do is compile a list of reviews from newspapers, online, and magazines, and average them into a single score. This year is their 10th year of the Golden Tomato awards, with the categories being: Wide Release, Limited Release, Top UK, Top AU, and Moldy, given to the worst-reviewed movie of the year. Just a little different from your average award show!

Here are the big winners this year:

WALL-E won the Golden Tomato for wide-release with a Tomatometer score of 96 per cent.

Man on Wire, a film that recalls Philippe Petit's tightrope feat between the World Trade Center towers in 1974, scored 100 per cent and won the Golden Tomato for limited-release films. It also won the award for best UK.

The Black Balloon took home the prize for best in the AU category, with a score of 95%.

The Moldy Tomato was awarded to the horror film One Missed Call. That movie had the unfortunate distinction of not finding a single positive review, earning a goose egg on the Tomatometer.

Not too shabby for an animated film to beat out films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man! Click here
for the full list of top ranked films on the Tomatometer.