Movie Review: Walk Hard 'The Dewey Cox Story'

December 26, 2007 By:
Movie Review: Walk Hard 'The Dewey Cox Story'

RiCOXulous… That might be the best word to use to describe the movie going experience I encountered when I saw “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.” A musical biopic parody that hits almost every note it intends to scratch. This hilarious, overwhelming, over-the-top, and at times emotional film, also has wonderful lyrics incorporated to the unthinkable songs that Dewey Cox performs.

The movie follows the ups, the downs, the back ups, and the back downs of musician Dewey Cox (played by the amazing John C. Reilly, Talladega Nights, A Prairie Home Companion, Dark Water, Aviator, The Hours, Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Good Girl, Magnolia… to name a few) whose out of nowhere one liners turn into hit songs that are presumed to change the world. As Cox engages himself in the blissfulness of the high moments and the drastic times he faces with the lows of his life, he makes rash decisions –mind altering and otherwise- that later culminate his future in the world of music. Now, instead of going on with more “spoilers,” and telling you more about a movie that I would hope you see yourself, I intend to give you more reasons to want to go see “Walk Hard.” The acting is superb, surprising, and admirable by all. Jenna Fischer (The Office, The Brothers Solomon, Blades of Glory, Slither) plays Dewey’s back-up singer Darlene Madison. She is wonderful! Raymond J. Barry plays Pa Cox, and he plays him to perfection. Barry is classic with every word he utters in the film from beginning to end. You can’t help but laugh whenever Pa Cox is about to murmur. The hilarious Tim Meadows and Chris Parnell play Dewey’s band mates Sam and Theo, and they play them to perfection. Kristen Wiig (Knocked Up) does an amazing job as Dewey’s wife Edith. And, with cameos from Frankie Muniz, Jack White, Paul Rudd, Justin Long, Jack Black, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman, Eddie Vedder, Jackson Browne, Jewel, Lyle Lovett, Ghostface Killah, The Temptations, and John Michael Higgins, (Fred Claus, Evan Almighty, For Your Consideration, The Break-Up, and the Christopher Guest wonders) “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” is an epic… In its own way!

Nominated for two Golden Globes, including best performance by an actor in a musical or comedy, and for best original song “Walk Hard,” this film -I believe- could have been nominated for both best musical film, as well as, best comedic film of the year, and if they were separate categories, would have had a great chance of winning both awards. “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” is fantastic, and if your stomach can handle what I know it has to offer, then please do yourself a favor and go see this unforgettable film.

'Pat the Movie Guy' give “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story --- 4 Scoops