Who Wants To Be a Telenovela Star

December 10, 2007 By:
Who Wants To Be a Telenovela Star

Ever flip through the channels and get instantly captivated by a dramatic scene unfolding before your eyes….and everything is in Spanish? You were the witness of Telenovela, the Latin American version of our "Days of Our Lives," except with a whole lot more passion.

Well they're doing something right, because VH1 is adding to its reality lineup, ordering an eight-episode series featuring aspiring telenovela stars.

It's called "Viva Hollywood!" 12 bilingual Latino and Latina contestants will learn the "7 Deadly Sins of Telenovelas" -- passion, lust, charisma, drama, fire, seduction and scandal -- in order to impress the judges: actress-singer Maria Conchita Alonso and singer-songwriter Carlos Ponce.

Astrologer Walter Mercado will give the contestants guidance. The winner will land a role on a telenovela airing on Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo, management representation, and a $100,000 prize. The hour-long series premieres in the spring. EXCELLENTE!