Jennifer Aniston To Make $20 Million For Break-Up Sequel

October 7, 2008 By:
Jennifer Aniston To Make $20 Million For Break-Up Sequel

Talk about art imitating life! Jennifer Aniston is reportedly set to reprise her role for the sequel to The Break-Up. Maybe the $20 million they offered helped her in the decision making process.

A source said: "Both Jennifer and Vince have been offered the chance to star in the sequel. As Jennifer is now such a huge star, she has been offered $20 million to do the film, while Vince Vaughn has been offered less. Both of them are seriously considering it."

We could totally see the sequel happening because of the end scene when Brooke and Gary run into each other and exchange words, which leads us to believe they’re going to get back together.

Wonder if this could mean a re-kindling between Vince and Jen? Although, probably not, since he’s reportedly got a new girl who has already met his mom. Still, we’d love to at least se these two reunite for the sequel.