Vienna Girardi Finds Love After Jake

August 17, 2010 By:
Vienna Girardi Finds Love After Jake

Vienna Girardi didn’t take too long to get over Jake Vienna. In fact, she’s already in another relationship!

The ex-fiance of the Bachelor took the time to tweet about her new man today, just days after hinting about a new relationship on the Lopez Tonight show.

When Lopez asked her if she still believes she'll meet “the one”, she replied: "How do you know I haven't already?"

Today she wrote on her Twitter, "About to head up to Runyon Canyon with Chloe and John."

Chloe is her dog, so that leaves John to wonder about. But Girardi was quick to follow up the tweet with: "Yes, Im dating and he is (an) amazing guy," she wrote. "I'm so Happy!!"

We wonder who he is! We suppose she doesn’t care too much about keeping his identity under wraps if she’s tweeting his first name! But isn’t that what fame-whoring is all about?!