Vienna Did Make Out Behind Jake's Back

July 6, 2010 By:
Vienna Did Make Out Behind Jake's Back

More is coming out about what really went down the weekend Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka broke up. Gregory Michael, the actor who Jake claims Vienna made out with, has come forward with his side of the story.

Michael says Vienna flat out lied about what happened at the charity event the two of them attended that Saturday, which was the day Vienna supposedly write her break-up note to Jake.

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Last night during the ABC reunion special, Vienna said, “There was nothing.”

But Gregory tells Us Magazine, "That's a lie. We definitely made out that weekend and Vienna made it very clear that it was over between her and Jake."

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He also responded to Vienna’s claim that they only danced for less than “nine seconds” at the event. "I wouldn't say we danced for a few seconds,” he said. “We did dance as a group all night. We also danced alone for parts of the evening."

Michael doesn’t feel bad about hooking up with Vienna, because as far as he’s concerned, they were broken up. "I never said she cheated," Michael added. "I said we hooked up and she said they were broken up. I would never do that if she was in a relationship."

Speaking of relationships, we're surprised he's saying anything at all, because he apparently has a girlfriend! Hollyscoop spies tell us EXCLUSIVELY that he was spotted at Syndicate Hospitality’s MyStudio on Saturday night with his brunette girlfriend and his guy friends holding a table drinking Belvedere vodka throughout the night until leaving just before 2 AM.

Interesting! Hope that brunette knows they're relationship isn't exclusive!