Playboy Denies Contract With Vienna

June 30, 2010 By:
Playboy Denies Contract With Vienna

Vienna Girardi needs to get her story straight. This morning a rumor started that she is reportedly going to pose for Playboy--a rumor she herself started.

But Hollyscoop has the real scoop on the alleged contract. "“This is the first we’ve heard of Vienna Girardi appearing on the cover of Playboy, a rep for the mag exclusively told Hollyscoop.

Vienna told her new BFF Star magazine, "I am going to be on the cover of Playboy later this year.”

She went on to say the reason she wants to do it is for the money. "The Bachelor didn't pay me a dime, and I ran through my savings living with Jake,” Vienna told the mag.

She added that she hopes to make $250,000 for the spread. "I need the money. And I want to do something fun and happy for myself!"

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She also claimed that she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight (yeah, right). "I just want a normal life,” Vienna says.

Well, maybe she'll get her wish, since the magazine has no idea where she got that idea from. “This is the first we’ve heard of Vienna Girardi appearing on the cover of Playboy," the rep explained. "We are not in negotiations with her and have not made her an offer.”

How awkward! Vienna has only been in the public eye for 5 minutes, and she's already lying? She needs to learn to shut her mouth, especially when she's talking to Star magazine!

In related news, Us Magazine is reporting that things got pretty ugly during the taping of the reunion between her and Jake Pavelka.

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Sources say she calls him a “liar” and a “fame whore.” But others say Jake had trouble getting a word in edgewise during the taping. One eyewitness says he "couldn't get a word out -- it was very reflective of their relationship."

We hear Vienna stormed off the set in a huff. That’s one special we do not want to miss! Tune in, as it will air during the July 5th episode of The Bachelorette.