Whitney Houston Leaves Everything to Bobbi Kristina In Will

Whitney Houston's last will and testament is released, and it reveals that her entire estate will go to daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. The will was amended in 2000 while Houston was married to Bobby Brown, but he was not mentioned at all in the will. She left him nothing! Actually, their pre-nup ensured that Bobby Brown was banned from even accessing her will. The will stated: “Houston shall have the right to dispose of her Separate Property by Last Will and Testament is such a manner as she may, in her own uncontrolled discretion from accessing her will.” Basically, in lawyer speak that means that Bobby Brown is dissed, for sure. Bobbi Kristina will reportedly get a chunk of her inheritance when she turns 21. She’ll get another portion on her 25th birthday and get the rest of the inheritance when she turns 30.