Tim Tebow on A Reality Show: “Probably Not Right Now”

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Tim Tebow is the hottest thing in sports right now, and the hottest Bachelor on the market. But we won?t be seeing him on the show any time soon! The host of “The Bachelor,” Chris Harrison, appeared on “Access Hollywood Live” and revealed that he?d recently approached the 24 year-old Denver Broncos quarterback to star in the series. Chris, along with every girl in America is hoping he?d be the new Bachelor. But Chris says: “He?d never do it. He has a little job called quarterback in the NFL. At least for another year!” Tebow told Hollyscoop quote: “You know, I’m just havin’ fun and enjoying my life...and you know, tying to enjoy every moment, and trying to not get caught up in any of the hype.” I just recently asked Tebow if he would ever do a reality show. He tells me: “I don’t know, that would have to be something that I’d have to think about, but for the time being, probably not right now.” And as far as those rumors about him dating any Hollywood starlets, he tell me they are absolutely not true.