Taylor Armstrong: “I Love Russell To This Day”

Taylor Armstrong confesses that she still loves her late husband Russell Armstrong despite her claims that he abused her. This morning, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star appeared on The Today Show to promote her new book. She reveals that she wasn’t sure on whether to speak out about her abuse after Russell committed suicide last August. But now she is, and even though she tells the tale of violent abuse, she says “I love him to this day and I miss him terribly.” And Despite concerns that being on the Bravo reality show pushed Russell to hang himself, she says that the financier actually enjoyed being in the spotlight. "He loved it - he loved being in the media. He would wake up every day and go to his Blackberry and the first thing he would do is look at Google Alerts with his name on it." Despite Russell’s family calling her a gold-digger for capitalizing off his death, her new book titled “Hiding From Reality: My Story of Love, Loss and Finding the Courage Within.” hits shelves tomorrow.