Tareq Salahi Suing Journey Guitarist For Stealing His Wife!

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The Journey guitarist may have ran off with the White-House crashers wife, but now he’s getting sued for it-- for, ready for it? 50-Million Dollars!! Tareq Salahi says he and wife, Michaele Salahi were on track to make a fortune together before Neal Schon stole her away! Tareq filed the lawsuit in Virginia ... claiming he and Michaele had an offer to make $150,000 to be on the Australian version of “Dancing With The Stars.” He says the couple also had an offer to appear on another network TV show in the U.S. Tareq claims Schon humiliated him in public, too ... because the publicity would increase interest in the band's concert tour ... which resulted in a major boost in ticket sales. Tareq is claiming emotional distress, conspiracy to defame, interfering with a contract, and defamation ... oh yeah, and he wants $450,000 in punitive damages.