Star’s Valentine’s Day Plans!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! To some this day is just an obvious spotlight on the fact that you’re single. But don’t feel to bad, celebrities aren’t spending the day just trying to make us all jealous by being all in love and mushy and stuff! Rachel McAdams told Hollyscoop she’s “going to be on a train” for Valentine’s Day. And romantic comedy queen Reese Witherspoon? Sadly, she tells us: “I probably have to work,” Hollyscoop asked “Jersey Shore” guido Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, if he’d be spending the day with Sammi? “We’re not together,” Ron told us. “If I do spend it with anybody it would probably be with her. I don’t really have anybody else that I talk to.” Josh Hutcherson also tells Hollyscoop: “I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans actually, there’s no special lady in my life right now." Chris Tucker reveals to Hollyscoop his gal on this special day quote: “My mom is usually my Valentine, so I always love sending her roses.”