Sofia Vergara to Freeze Her Eggs?

Sofia Vergara is the hottest women in Hollywood...sometimes we forget that she?s getting up there in years. So will she freeze her eggs?? Sofia Vergara turns the big 4-0 in July, but she's not quite ready to start a family with her boyfriend Nick Loeb. So what?s a girl to do?! She says: “I guess I am going to think about freezing my eggs.” She says turning 40 doesn?t bother her, "I don't really care....But doesn't that sound hideous? I remember thinking when my mom was 40 that she was already done." Sofia also says she’s not racing down the aisle with her businessman boyfriend Nick, who she has been with since 2010. And if these two do eventually have babies, they will inherit the trait that first attracted her. She says: "The most important thing was that he was very handsome." Sofia already has one son, Manolo, who is 19.