Sofia Vergara Complains About J.Lo’s Booty at 2012 SAG Awards

Don’t you hate it when hot people complain…It’s like have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror? Yea you’re a perfect 10! But during the 2012 SAG awards last night, she dished out some dramz; mostly how she thinks it’s unfair that not enough people give her credit for having an ass like HYPERLINK ""Jennifer Lopez’s. “I get underestimated a lot,” Vergara says, “Everyone says she [J.Lo] has great boobs, but I have a great [butt]” She didn’t stop there…she went on an on about how people only give her attention to her chest but she has a booty as well that unfortunately goes unnoticed. Oh and in case you were wondering she also talked about whether she wears undies to red carpet events. Oh if you wanna know the answer…she said she does but they are thissssss small.