Snooki Voted Most Overpaid Celebrity!

If you think Snooki is not worth all the hype and gets paid too much money for acting a fool on national television.... you’re not alone! Snooki has been voted to the most overpaid celebrity!! The new survey was done by FITNESS Magazine and Yahoo! Finance. And she tops the list by a landslide! Apparently, fifty-one percent of rationally thinking adults pick Snooki as the most undeserving of her paycheck in Hollywood. So just how much does Snooki make? She reportedly gets paid $100-thousand dollars an episode and has a net worth of $2 million. All that for smushing, tanning, fighting, and fist pumping. Yeah, I’d agree that she is just a tiny bit overpaid!! Other celebs that people think are overpaid include Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, and Simon Cowell. Do you think Snooki is overpaid, or deserving of every penny? Tweet us @Hollyscoop and let us know!