Snooki Lied! She’s Three Months Pregnant!

Even though earlier this month, Snooki denied pregnancy rumors, turns out--she was fibbing! Sources say Snooki, is indeed expecting her first child! The New York Post reports that the Jersey Shore star is three months pregnant, and the baby’s father is her boyfriend Jionni, who we all got to know on the show. Her most recent preggo denial was on Feb 2nd, on Good Morning America, saying, “I definitely do want kids, but I am not pregnant.” When her team was asked about this new pregnancy revelation in the Post. Her rep says simply “No comment.” The Post’s sources say Snooki is stalling the announcement of her pregnancy, because she is holding out for some lucrative marketing deals. And not to mention that her new spinoff with Jwoww began filming last week, so all this could be tied into her new show. It would be perfect timing to announce her pregnancy right before the show airs, to boost the ratings significantly. How very Kourtney Kardashian of her!!