The Situation Launches His Own Gossip Website

Not that we all didn’t already know that the Situation loves media attention and is obsessed with himself... but now he’s created a 24/7 Sitch website to prove it. The website is a perfect example of how many times is too many to use the word “situation” For it’s launch, here’s how they described their site: “Sitch News is an online social/pop culture experience that gives you all the latest and greatest in celebrity, entertainment, nightlife, fashion and Situation Nation news. Put it all in a blender, add one part GTL, a dash of FTD, and a teaspoon of DTF all with a smart, witty, commentary - and that sums us up. "The Situation" and his talented staff provide a unique perspective for our daily posts, which are sure to keep you amused all day every day. I don’t know how successful this site will be, but at least it gives Sitch something to do. There’s no word on whether Jersey Shore will return for a sixth season.