Rihanna: “I’m Sick Of Being Single”

So Rihanna confirms she is single! We glad she finally cleared that up! But she says she’s not happy about it! Rihanna appeared on the UK talk show, The Jonathan Ross Show, and admits: “I am a single lady. This is not something I enjoy. Single life is so overrated.” Rihanna explains that she can't find anyone because most men are intimidated by her fame, but adds that she just couldn’t be with someone like that anyway. Rihanna adds, “I have such incredible experiences in my life, but you don't want to live your life and then meet someone, you want to share your life with someone. I feel like that is what I am missing right now." Rihanna says, “You always want to be single when you are in a relationship but trust me it is no bueno(good.)” I don’t know, if I was in a relationship with Chris Brown, I’d sure still rather be single!