Rihanna & Chris Brown Recording A New Song Together?

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It appears all is forgiven between Chris Brown and Rihanna. So much so, that they’re going to do a duet? Three years after Chris violently attacked then- girlfriend Rihanna, the exes have apparently reunited in the recording studio. Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen entering the same West Hollywood recording studio late last week. The two did not arrive together, but rumor has it that they were inside recording a duet! The song is reportedly about friendship and forgiveness, and Rihanna will release it later on this year. The two were also reportedly holed up in a dressing room for four hours during pre-Grammy prep and have been secretly hooking up for the last year, after Rihanna rescinded her protection order against Chris. As long as Chris does not harass, bother, attack or molest Rihanna, they’re good to go. Those sound like pretty standard ground rules for rekindling a relationship, right?