Rihanna & Chris Brown Planning Secret Vacation Together

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Rihanna and Chris Brown have had enough of the spotlight on their reconciliation, so they’re getting out of town together! Reportedly Chris Brown and Rihanna are planning a secret vacation together. Apparently, they want to be able to spend time together alone, in a private, secluded vacation spot. Sources say they are looking in to tropical locations and have their eye on the Caribbean. After the past couple of months in the headlines, they just want to get away from the media so they can concentrate on getting back together without all the scrutiny. Chris and Rihanna just released remixes on each other songs, tweet each other, and were reportedly all over each other at her birthday party. Seems like a romantic secluded vacation is the next step. Rihanna is in a Twitter/Facebook war right now with Chris Browns girlfriend. Maybe his new girl is so defensive because she knows what’s really going on with his old girl?