Reese Witherspoon Uses Rihanna & Chris Brown To Teach Kids About Abuse

Reese Witherspoon wants her children to understand what domestic violence is, so she discussed it with them, using two hot celebrities they had already heard of: Rihanna and Chris Brown. She says, “We talk about domestic violence and what that means.” Witherspoon says her two kids, 12-year old Ava and 8-year old Deacon, know about the Rihanna/Chris Brown drama. "My daughter knows what happened. My son knows as well. We talk about what is abuse. I think it's important to talk to our daughters – and our sons – in order to educate them at an early age about what's appropriate and what is absolutely not acceptable." Meanwhile, Reese is trying to set a healthy example for her kids on what a good partnership should look like. Next month, she and hubby Jim Toth will celebrate their first wedding anniversary.