Pauly D’s New Spinoff

Pauly D may have the least amount of drama on The Jersey Shore, but he’s still a fan favorite and really funny! So MTV gave him a spinoff too! The show titled ‘The Pauly D Project’ is set to premiere Thursday, March 29 and a brand new trailer for it has just been released. The show basically documents Pauly’s rise to fame. He talks about how he still lives with his dad, and his mom just lives down the street, and even though the Jersey Shore made him famous, he wants to show the world what he’s really about! The DJ packs up his friends, Biggie, Jerry and Ryan and takes them with him when he gets his residency at the Palms in Las Vegas. It definitely seems like MTV is trying to extend their money making opportunities by giving all the Jersey cast members their own spinoff, but Pauly’s actually has some substance. Pauly’s record deal with 50 Cent and his appearance on the Britney Spears tour are both featured in the trailer.