Oprah, Beyonce & Lady Gaga: Most Influential Women In The World

Today is International Women?s Day! Don?t feel bad, I didn?t know it was either. And in honor of this special day, MSN has awarded the most influential women in the world! Beyonce, Oprah, and Meryl Streep all made the cut on MSN?s 25 most influential women in the world. Other leading ladies that graced the list include Michelle Obama, who MSN writes is more popular than her husband. JK Rowling, author of all those Harry Potter masterpieces, makes the list. Even Lady Gaga snags a spot. No one can argue that she is definitely influential to our generation! Kate Middleton, Hilary Clinton and Anna Wintour were in the 25 most influential category too. Of the 25 that were picked as the most influential, ten were then named as being the most powerful women in the world. Michelle Obama made it, and Hilary Clinton was actually voted as number two most powerful woman in the world!