Nicki Minaj’s Backstage Diva Demands Revealed

Nicki Minaj’s insane backstage diva demands revealed. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. Nicki Minaj is quickly developing a reputation for being a super diva and her ‘backstage rider’, which is a list of items she demands backstage, is proof. She requires 3 buckets of chicken, but they must contain no thighs and lots of wings and since KFC nor Popeyes sells buckets without thighs some assistant has to pluck through the chicken bucket and pull out all the thighs before handing it off to Nicki. Other bizarre items on her rider include “One gallon of Simply Lemonade”, candies that smell like baked goods, 12 bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Juice, throat spray, 2 space Heaters (listed as “Very Important”), salad with iceberg lettuce and Wishbone Italian dressing, dried cranberries, raw almonds and fine silverware. Nick Minaj: out of control diva or well deserved wish list? Tweet us @Hollyscoop and let us know