Nicki Minaj Called “Frankenstein” For Her Odd Grammy Performance

First Nicki Minaj arrived on the red carpet of The 2012 Grammy awards on the arm of a Pope. But it get’s stranger than that! Although questions were answered to why she had originally had a Pope prop, her “Catholic-themed” performance did nothing more than that. Fans are being very vocal today and last night, that they did not like her disturbing, sacrilegious, button-pushing show. She appears to undergo an exorcism, which she is obviously being criticized for. Other complaints- that her singing was a jumbled disgrace, she acted like “Frankenstein,” and the worst of all- seemed to be gasp!- copying Lady gaga!! But hey, even though Nicki didn’t win the Grammy for "Best New Artist" she did succeed in being one of the most talked about singers following the telecast. At least she’s getting some kind of recognition!