National Enquire Publishes Morbid Photo of Whitney Houston’sOpen Casket

So they National Enquirer is known for posting some pretty shocking and obscure photos, but I think this one takes the cake! The infamous tabloid has sparked outrage, once again, this time for publishing a photograph of Whitney Houston apparently lying in her open coffin. The chilling image, which was allegedly taken at the family’s private service at a funeral home in New Jersey, was splashed across the front cover of this week’s edition. It shows the late singer lying dead in her gold casket, wearing her favorite purple dress and $500,000 worth of jewelry and gold slippers. The disturbing image was accompanied with the bold headline “Whitney: The last photo!” The magazine does not reveal who took the morbid photograph. But this isn’t the first time they’ve published such a morbid pic, they famously did the same with Elvis in 1977. Do you think this is completely tasteless and wrong? Tweet us at Hollyscoop.