MTV Sets Up Filming In Baby Stores For Snooki

Snooki still hasn?t admitted she?s pregnant, but obviously MTV knows for sure! They are already setting up filming prospects in Jersey baby stores! Snooki and Jwoww’s new reality show spinoff has been put into a tailspin with the news of her unexpected pregnancy, but MTV sees dollar signs! MTV producers have apparently started contacting New Jersey baby stores trying to get clearance to film at their locations. The owners of Bambi Baby in Jersey City tell TMZ that someone from 495 Productions, the company that produces “Jersey Shore,” called and asked if they could shoot scenes within the store, and finally the store agreed. Filming should begin there any time now, as the girls have already started shooting their spinoff. So for this new show, it’s safe to say we can expect way less jello shots, hot tubbing, and that weird outdoor bar they always go to in the middle of the day and just expect lots of shopping for baby stuff. How exciting!