M.I.A. Flips off Millions of Viewers During Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

During TV’s most-watched telecast of the year, singer M.I.A. made the gesture during a cameo on Madonna’s new single, “Give Me All Your Luvin.’” M.I.A. also seemed to say an expletive, but it wasn’t really audible. NBC released an apology and called the moment a “spontaneous gesture” — which seems about as believable as a quote “wardrobe malfunction.” The network adds that their delay system simply caught it too late. And of course, everyone’s comparing this to Janet Jackson’s infamous peep show in 2004. But, MIA’s crude gesture seems a little more obvious than Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction,” which most viewers did not even catch. M.I.A.’s stunt seems to have overshadowed Madonna’s overall performance, with thousands of headlines and twitter comments today...including this one: “M.I.A. Didn’t flip us all off. She just had a middle finger malfunction.”