Maya Rudolph Hosts Her Best SNL Yet?

Everyone’s been waiting with great anticipation for Maya Rudolph’s SNL episode this weekend, mainly because we all wanted to see if she would dare reprise her famous Whitney Houston role. Well, apparently Maya even think’s it’s ‘too soon’ to think about cracking Whitney jokes! Instead she picked Beyonce as her celebrity of choice. Mocking baby Blue Ivy’s birth into the world, Justin Timberlake even joined the skit. The funniest line came when Justin Timberlake, playing Justin Vernon (of Grammy winning Bon Iver) apologized to Beyonce, saying, "Sorry I'm late...I was just wandering in the woods barefoot in Wisconsin, fashioned this guitar out of a canoe and I wrote a song for your baby" - he then fell asleep to the sound of his own music. Rudolph also hilariously portrayed poet Maya Angelou and the First Lady Michelle Obama. Even though this episode is being hyped up as the best one yet - most people are just waiting for Lindsay Lohan’s crack at hosting on March 3rd.