Matt Lauer Jealous Of Ryan Seacrest?

So Matt Lauer may be the original big man on campus in TV Land, but let’s face it, Ryan Seacrest is pretty much taking over everything! Rumors are swirling that Seacrest may be in the running to replace Matt on the “Today Show.” Matt Lauer has reportedly made threats to leave NBC if he doesn’t get a raised salary of about $30-million. But a new theory has emerged that Matt might stay because show execs say they would put Ryan Seacrest in his place. Seems like Matt might be a little jealous of somebody! Even though Matt already makes $17-million a year as NBC’s ‘golden boy,’ you can’t deny that Seacrest could be a good replacement. The other suspected reason that Matt has threatened to leave, is that he was just bluffing so he’d get offered more money. Whichever reason it may be, Matt Lauer is probably gonna end up making a lot of cheese! Take that, “Mr 45-Million Dollar Man” Seacrest!!