Madonna's Stalkers Locker Contents Released

For many years a storage locker belonging to Madonna's stalker, Robert Dewey Hoskin has remained unopened, until now. The locker was recently auctioned off as Hoskin had failed to pay rent. The new owner paid $1900 and was not aware of who the previous owner was until he was able to use the contents to reveal the identity at which point he notified the LAPD to further investigate the contents. Inside the locker was various items of Madonna memorabilia, including photos, condoms, women's jewelry, a bible, box cutters, scissors and a creepy mask. Hoskins had threatened Madonna on several occasions and said to a sheriff's deputy that he was going to slice her throat from ear to ear, he was also responsible for similar threats to Halle Berry. Hoskins was most recently kept incarcerated at the Metropolitan State Hospital where he briefly escaped from on Feb 3 this year. Hopefully he will be staying put for a while longer.