Madonna Fires Daughter from W.E.

Madonna fires her own daughter from her movie W.E. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. Talk about a strict parent! Madonna’s daughter Lourdes was set to make an appearance in her mother’s movie W.E. but she was cut out of the final edit. Bru-tal! Madonna said: “There was a scene where she played Wally as a young girl. And I just kind of dragged her in at the last minute. It was quite unfair of me what I did and what I asked her to do,” Madonna said. “But she was really great and then I ended up cutting her out of the film. Ruthless, I know. I said, ‘Sorry babe, you’re on the cutting room floor.’ She took it like a champ.” Ruthless indeed. Madonna’s daughter has wanted to get into acting for years and her debut ends up on the cutting room floor. Oh well, she’s still Madonna’s daughter, so that already gets her lifetime bragging rights.