Lindsay Lohan Steps Out in Wacky Gotti Get-Up!

It appears that Lindsay Lohan just doesn’t want to take no for an answer! Obviously she’s not giving up hopes of landing the mob wife role in the upcoming Gotti flick! Last night she showed up at a New York Fashion Week shindig looking exactly like Victoria Gotti! It just seems way too far fetched to think this was an accident. I mean, who would purposely try to look like a middle-aged mobster’s wife with platinum blond pouffy bangs! Even though Victoria Gotti hand picked Lindsay for the role, and it seemed like a sure thing, producers say they are no longer considering her. But it sure looks like she still wants it! Do you think Lindsay’s choice was just an utter coincidence, or a last ditch plea to prove she’s right for the role? Tweet us at Hollyscoop and let us know!