Lindsay Lohan Begs To Host Saturday Night Live

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Hosting Saturday Night Live is a sure sign that people still care about you and that you are relevant. Or in Lindsay Lohan’s case, that you begged really nicely! Well, it looks like that desperate avenue of getting on the show actually worked for her! She will host SNL on March 3rd. Lindsay was quote “dying” to host Saturday Night Live again, hoping that it will “kickstart” her comeback. So Lindsay reached out to SNL head-honcho Lorne Michaels herself and asked if she could host the show. The two had several conversations, before settling on a date. Lindsay has hosted SNL back in 2004, 2005, and 2006, and now that her community service is almost up, she called up Lorne to properly beg to get back on the popular show. Does Lindsay not even have an agent anymore? She had to ask for herself? Remember those days when Lindsay was “in demand?”