Lindsay Lohan Asks Jimmy Fallon To Join Her On SNL

Lindsay Lohan is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and she is hyping it up with a lot of comeback appearances! Including one on Jimmy Fallon last night. Lindsay was actually quite charming during her visit on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Jimmy is a Saturday Night Live alum himself, so naturally, the topic came up. Lindsay puts Fallon on the spot, asking: “Will you stop by the show?” Fallon’s obviously not sure if she meant to watch or as a cameo, but he replies “Sure....” He asks: “You want me to come on your show? I’ll do anything for you, if you want me to do it. But what am I going to do?” Lindsay jokes: “I don’t know, just stop by and I’m sure you guys will figure it out!” Of course now rumors are swirling that they are planning a skit together. Lindsay also takes her appearance of Jimmy Fallon last night as an opportunity to clear up how she actually got the hosting gig.