Liam Hemsworth: Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Get Me Acting Jobs

Liam Hemsworth is dating mega star Miley Cyrus, and before “Hunger Games,” that was pretty much his only claim to fame. But he says he doesn’t get the special treatment just because she’s his girlfriend!! Liam says just because he’s dating one of the most famous teens in the world doesn’t mean he’ll just land a huge movie role! In an interview with Flaunt Magazine, he admits Miley does give him advice, but she doesn’t help him get roles. He says: “It’s definitely nice to have people around me like [my brother] and my girlfriend, who have experienced it before. To ask them questions, it definitely makes it easier in that sense. It doesn’t make it any easier getting roles. It’s just me in the room when I’m meeting directors and reading with directors.” Liam and Miley actually met as a result of landing a great gig! They hooked up on the set of their movie “The Last Song” in 2010.