Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals Why He Isn’t Married

Leonardo DiCaprio is treading into George Clooney territory, you know like extreme bachelorhood, new dating rumors daily, and being hot and dating younger women....but Leo says it’s not his fault he hasn’t settled down, he hasn’t been in love yet. Leo tells UK newspaper ‘The Sun:’ “I suppose if I’d found my true love I would be married right now wouldn’t I?” Ouch, that’s kinda a diss to all his long term girlfriends! However, he does tell us what kind of woman he likes. Well, we could have guessed his type, because his type is clearly “leggy blonde.” His dating history includes Blake Lively, Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bundchen and his current flame, Victoria Secret model Erin Heatherton. He talked his “ideal” woman saying, “Pretentious women really turn me off. Vindictive women too. So do opportunistic women. I think what turns me on about a girl is what most men find attractive – which is something genuine about them.”