Lady Gaga’s Battle With Bulimia

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Lady Gaga seems to be the most confident, self-assured chic in the world, but she now reveals that she wasn’t “born this way” and actually suffered from bulimia as a teen. The superstar singer says she threw up constantly because she wanted to be a "skinny little ballerina." It’s easier for her to talk about it now because she doesn’t do it anymore. She says she purged so often by making herself sick that stomach acid began eating away at her throat and destroying her vocal chords. So she stopped; but she knows that not every girl has a super successful singing career to motivate them. She blasts the media for portraying unfair, unrealistic body images, revealing pictures of her are always altered to look thinner... I can see her point, but personally, I would love if every picture or video of me was airbrushed and altered to make me look skinnier!