Lady Gaga Launches Her Anti-Bullying Foundation With Help From Oprah!

Lady Gaga launches her anti-bullying campaign, appropriately called “Born This Way.” And you know it must be a worthy do-good cause, because-- Oprah’s involved! Oprah, Lady Gaga, and her mom, visited Harvard University to announce details about the organization and what it stands for. Gaga addressed the crowd, saying that we have the opportunity to change the world and put an end to bullying. Gaga’s mother, said that the launch was “special” to her daughter, because she’s wanted to create something to tackle the issue of bullying for a long time. Her mom says quote: "Growing up she faced many struggles because of her individuality, and, as a result, often experienced meanness and cruelty. She's talked very publicly about these and other struggles in a real and personal way and people have responded to that message."