Katy Perry Signs Divorce Paper With A Smiley Face

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have signed on the dotted line to finalize their divorce. And she did it with a happy face! A written happy face that is! Katy drew a smiley face and a heart next her name on the divorce papers! Seems pretty upbeat of her, right? Well, she has reason to be cheerful, because she’s not going to be losing nearly as much money as she could have in this divorce! They did not sign a prenup, and since Katy made a huge 44-million dollars between 2010 and 2011, Russell stood to gain a lot of that! Instead, Russell has has waived any claim to her fortune! After all, they were only married 14-months, he obviously realizes such a short- lived fairytale is not worth taking all her millions and riding off into the sunset!