Katy Perry: “My Music?s About To Get Really F***ing Dark”

Katy Perry says she is straying from her peppy bubble gum ?American Dream? pop music, and going grunge. Katy Perry spoke to ?Interview? magazine, and it was actually Bridesmaid?s star Kristen Wiig who conducted her interview, for some reason. But Katy seemed to enjoy opening up to Kristen. She reveals that she?s had the urge to record an acoustic album for a while now — Katy has already done an MTV Unplugged album, and she really likes it! She says, “It’s something that I’m really excited about because I know I can do it and I haven’t really played that card yet. I’ve been thinking about my future and what the next move is in terms of what I need to do. I think it would be pretty stupid to try and redo this last record that had all of this success . . . Maybe it’s time to do something that’s different that can’t be compared.” Kate tells Kristen: “My music is about to get real f****ing dark!” Obviously she’s ready to open up about her painful divorce and do some bashing on her ex Russell Brand.