Kate Upton Heats Up New York City!

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Even though it’s the dead of winter, New York City was super hot last night thanks to Kate Upton and her gorgeous friends! The new Sports Illustrated cover model was celebrating her new status with a bunch of sexy SI models at the 2012 Swimsuit Issue launch! to the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch. She obviously ecstatic over her newfound sex symbol status, but she’s not being so obvious about what we all wanna know- her love life with New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez! When asked whether she was single, she says, "What do you think?" and “I don’t know.” Her last annoyingly vague response on the issue? “It’s whatever you think.” Kate! We THINK you should just make it known, to please save the heartbreak of millions of hopeful men across the world.