Justin Theroux Finally Opens Up About His Relationship With Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston’s relatively new beau is constantly photographed by her side in a cute, matching black ensemble, but we’ve never heard much from him. In interview with New York Magazine, he finally opens about Jen...well, a little. At least he acknowledges the fact that we are dying to get some insight on their famous courtship! He says, “I understand the curiosity, but other than saying I am happy, I am not going to indulge it...That’s building your own torture device.” The actor and writer adds that he is still getting used to his newfound fame. He calls his recent surge of popularity “bizarre,” likening it to “having shoes that are slightly too heavy—it can slow you down and make you more cautious.” He gives us a little more when talking about their adopted dog though: “She’s the most adorable little cookie you’ve ever seen,” Theroux says about a picture of the black-and-white Boxer on his phone. “She looks like she just smoked an exploding cigar.”