Jennifer Lopez: It's Fun Working with Marc Anthony on Q'Viva!

Hey everyone I am Diana Madison for Hollyscoop. Hard to believe that it’s fun working with your ex husband but leave it to JLO to make things happen. JLO was on the Late Show where she confessed to David Letterman that working with her ex HYPERLINK ""Marc Anthony on a Univision show called “Q’Viva! The Chosen” is actually really “fun.” I guess we’ll take her word for it. “You know, it’s fun, because we know each other so well and we really work well together. But it has its moments, ”said JLO “But the same things that kind of you know, didn’t really work…like communication. Just like, you’re talking and you don’t agree on something and then you’re like, ‘Be quiet!’” Hey, at least they have a sense of humor about it. Other celebrity divorces can only hope to be so amicable. “There is real love there. Marc and I were friends before we got married. We were friends for years, and we always loved each other,” reveals J.Lo