Jennifer Aniston Rejects Courtney Cox

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Jennifer Aniston and her BFF Courtney Cox have been practically attached at the hip for years and they’ve been though it all together. Well, at least Courtney’s always stuck by Jen.... Apparently Jennifer Aniston has totally dropped her bestie Courtney Cox, now that she’s got a boyfriend. Sources close to the pair said they have been spending increasing amounts of time apart since Aniston fell for her Wanderlust co-star. Jen and her man Justin Theroux have been inseparable and now that they are living together, Courtney really feels forgotten by Jen. Now single Courtney Cox was apparently very upset last month when Aniston cancelled a girls' night out at the last minute to spend the evening with Theroux Cox was noticeably absent when Aniston's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame was unveiled two weeks ago. Sources say Courtney is so upset that her best friend would act this way after she was so supportive of Jen for all those years when she was the single girl.