Janet Jackson Tongue-Tied About Being New Judge On X-Factor

Could Janet Jackson be the new host on X-Factor? It’s hard to tell, because she literally stumbled over her words so much when trying to answer that very question!! Janet was carrying on a typical interview with Anderson Cooper, but when he asked her if she was going to be the new celebrity judge on the show--her response was very revealing! It seems she’s been in discussions with the hit show because, Janet gets completely tongue-tied, before stumbling, then "Oh my God" and laughing. She eventually answered, "No, I'm not a judge on 'The X Factor'. " But Anderson continued to press her on the possibility of her joining the show, saying: "So, you're not CURRENTLY a judge on 'The X Factor'?" Janet utters "No, I am not, but that's all I really think I should say." We don’t know Simon’s take on Janet joining his crew, but he admits he is not the one that wanted Paula to get fired in the first place, saying: “She understands it’s business. It was never personal. I would’ve liked to have kept her.”