Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

Another celebrity falls victim to a sex tape scandal, well this time it’s Hulk Hogan, so maybe it’s more like a has-been celebrity. Maybe Hulk is trying to do whatever it takes to get back in the limelight, but whatever the case is, a sext tape has surfaced! And of course, it is currently being shopped to a major porn studio. TMZ reports that they have seen a portion of the grainy footage. It features Hulk and an unidentified brunette, neither his ex wife Linda, OR his current wife Jennifer McDaniel. In the beginning of the clip, Hulk takes his shirt off and brags to his companion, "I started to work out again." No one knows when the tape was shot, but Vivid Video’s Steve Hirsch tells TMZ, he was approached with the tape very recently by a third party.