Hugh Hefner Hints At Another Lindsay Lohan Playboy Spread

Lindsay Lohan seems to have finally found her niche--- naked on the pages of Playboy! Last December, 25-year-old Lindsay channeled her icon Marilyn Monroe for the cover of the men’s magazine. Even though the photos leaked online, the magazine was still a huge moneymaker. Retailers across the country were forced to re-order the issue several times, and the controversial star’s presence resulted in a spike in subscriptions. Hugh Hefner says her spread was “huge” and tweeted that the issue “is breaking sales records.” So with that issue's success, Hefner said Lohan will quote “quite possibly” do another shoot. And since Lindsay’s not entertaining high-profile movie deals like she once was, it’s not like she has anything else better to do! And the extra money could come in handy in that whole IRS debacle!