Halle Berry’s Stalker Escapes From Mental Hospital!

The newly engaged actress’s happiness has been cut short as her psychotic stalker has escaped form a metal institution! Yesterday Hollyscoop reported that Halle Berry has asked a judge for permission to take her daughter with her when she moves to France. Now we know this move is not just to get back at her ex, but she literally is scared for her life! The LAPD told Halle that her stalker said: ‘I’m going to kill that bitch, I’m going to cut her throat.’ And now this guy Robert Hoskins just walked out of the mental hospital and police are still searching for him! Authorities say he is 'highly psychotic' and can be extremely violent and should not be approached by members of the public. Madonna is also a potential target. Hoskins has already served 10 years in prison for threatening to “slit her throat from ear to ear.” Now, when this guy tried to get near Madonna by scaling the walls outside her house, her bodyguards shot him- twice! Let’s hope Halle’s men are prepared to do the same!