Gerard Butler In Rehab

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With some stars, it?s easy to spot when they are on the road to rehab, but I gotta say with Gerard Butler, I didn?t really see this one coming. He has reportedly been in rehab for three weeks! The actor is being treated for “pain management” and substance abuse at the Betty Ford Center. Apparently, Butler's pain started while shooting '300' back in 2006. That's when he started experimenting with and relying on prescription drugs. And during Butler's December 18 surfing accident while shooting 'Of Men and Mavericks,' the problem became worse. He was also in the spotlight for losing a lot of weight after shooting the movie. Butler told Hollyscoop: "I go through all that work and do it for different roles, and get big for 300 or get heavier for a role, or slim down for a role. It'd be nice if they went 'well look, he's committed." Now it’s obvious Gerard was dealing with a lot more. He reportedly also has issues with cocaine, but the "root problem" is "the injuries and pain management."